Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"I thought i had a dream
i thought i had a love
i thought i had a reason for go ahead
i thought i had someone near me

It has been always easy for you
you thought it would be easy also this time
you thought i would be easy just because "in love"
you thought you could get what you need without any word.

i'll put in front of your face all things you did to me
i'll put my heart in front of your eyes
and you will see all the pain you bring for me.

you are used to don't care about how people feel
but this time you'll have to open your eyes
this time you find someone who'll not shut up..

I can cry for a whole day, for a whole months, for a whole year
but I'll stand up again and finally realize that you don't deserve any love.
A human beeing can survive even the worst suffer,
i'm sorry for you, but i'll survive also your leavin'... "