Monday, August 3, 2009


so she came and left
and with her the wind
rained on and swept
my heart as it thinned
the feelings of past
crawling under my skin
that had haunted my depths
as she burrowed within

without expectations
i prayed for the world
of sprawling emotions
i hoped she would swirl
in my naive devotion
for this magical girl
who'd tasted not the potion
that she recklessly hurled

at my soul and spirit
that had patiently sat
through this endless desert
of an old tale's format
breathing slowly within it
gently whispering that
this tiny little blink fit
must stay or come back

but she left yes she did
just as fast as she came
leaving me livid
with feelings of shame
upon reflections so candid
i knew i was lame
the dream that evaporated
had left me in the rain

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the kitchen sink

last time i saw her was two years ago..

i took her to the airport where the wings of a machine would carry her away..

my heart cracked and my colour faded that day..

many rains washed me since as i walked streets to dispense plaguing thoughts..

i was sure i would never see her again..

this morning i learned that some wings would deliver her back to my space..

suddenly the two years ago seemed like yesterday..

like those two years had drained down the kitchen sink..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

little blessing..

thoughts like ants running rivers through my mind..
tickling the nerves of life and torturing my spine..
sleep giving way to that mission of mine..
to understand exactly what is going on..

feelings like rain sprinkling all the time..
blowing in the wind and landing without rhyme..
converting me to the wettest kind..
of person as i try to get a grip of this internal comotion..

nothing in this madness seems to have any direction..
i could ponder it for years and still be left with misperception..
thoughts and feelings dancing in me not a waltz think head-bang..
a vicious mass duet is this insane little blessing..

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"I thought i had a dream
i thought i had a love
i thought i had a reason for go ahead
i thought i had someone near me

It has been always easy for you
you thought it would be easy also this time
you thought i would be easy just because "in love"
you thought you could get what you need without any word.

i'll put in front of your face all things you did to me
i'll put my heart in front of your eyes
and you will see all the pain you bring for me.

you are used to don't care about how people feel
but this time you'll have to open your eyes
this time you find someone who'll not shut up..

I can cry for a whole day, for a whole months, for a whole year
but I'll stand up again and finally realize that you don't deserve any love.
A human beeing can survive even the worst suffer,
i'm sorry for you, but i'll survive also your leavin'... "

Friday, November 23, 2007

...grey sky...

A grey sky over stand the wet city, where wet men are moving nervous, breathing death, running behind a chimera…
All of them pretend to be extraordinary people with their great cars, “P**da” shoes and jeans by “*&*”...following the will of GOD of Fashion, but if you ask them who was Coco they’ll simply say “a perfume”
…all they have muscles hardly drawn hours in gym, but they will never help you to lift up your shoppers, and bright tanning even in winter…
All confuse sex with love, “open mentality and social battles” with “Going to Cuba and having fun”.. most of them enjoy cocaine, cause they are too "high class" for marijuana…-Fashion involve also drugs-…
Friendship means opportunism, respect means nothing, you can forgive lies, you can forgive crimes, you can forgive a thief and let him to represent your country… They find their GOD, IDEALS, VALUES, MODELS… DREAMS inside a multicolour box…dulled by flash sights…

I watch this miserable city, from this miserable window… a shiver run down my spine…
Oh my God, where are we going? I keep watching out the window, looking for some blue between clouds…

I know there is… if not now, one day I’ll find it… behind clouds the sky is just blue... for ever.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Job description

You make me quit my job
You take over my life
And when I ask what time you're coming home
You call me a petty housewife.
You make me ride on top
And when I scream for more
You turn around and tell me
That I act like a whore.
What does it take
To do whats deemed right
How is a balance achieved
Shut up and avoid a fight.
Maybe I am all these things
That you always say to me
But I'm a little confused so help me out
Isn't this what you want me to be?

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Story

For a story to be told
The whens and whys, we should behold,
The triangle of a myth
The shadow of death
The path of the heart we try to follow

And onto that path we pledge
To deny the lies that we have edged
To pursue excellence in our lives
The cherished feelings we are ever denied
In a moment of time, we are weakened - a-fledged

A lifelong journey to be taken
A source of irrationale to be broken
To sense
To wonder
To hope
Not plunder
To make elite
The the idea within

A story that will go far
To be understood
To be taken par..