Thursday, August 7, 2008

little blessing..

thoughts like ants running rivers through my mind..
tickling the nerves of life and torturing my spine..
sleep giving way to that mission of mine..
to understand exactly what is going on..

feelings like rain sprinkling all the time..
blowing in the wind and landing without rhyme..
converting me to the wettest kind..
of person as i try to get a grip of this internal comotion..

nothing in this madness seems to have any direction..
i could ponder it for years and still be left with misperception..
thoughts and feelings dancing in me not a waltz think head-bang..
a vicious mass duet is this insane little blessing..


BuJassem said...

Nice to read from ya Lirun :)

Lirun said...

thank you :)

Notorious said...

what a lovely poem :)

dayana rojas said...

all my sexy photo gallery hope you enjoy