Monday, August 3, 2009


so she came and left
and with her the wind
rained on and swept
my heart as it thinned
the feelings of past
crawling under my skin
that had haunted my depths
as she burrowed within

without expectations
i prayed for the world
of sprawling emotions
i hoped she would swirl
in my naive devotion
for this magical girl
who'd tasted not the potion
that she recklessly hurled

at my soul and spirit
that had patiently sat
through this endless desert
of an old tale's format
breathing slowly within it
gently whispering that
this tiny little blink fit
must stay or come back

but she left yes she did
just as fast as she came
leaving me livid
with feelings of shame
upon reflections so candid
i knew i was lame
the dream that evaporated
had left me in the rain