Monday, October 22, 2007

Where-ever You Are..

I hope where-ever you are, you are in a happy place
Smiling, gracefully, like you do everyday
I cannot help but think of your smile
Your eyes, your whims - even your sighs
I cannot help but think and ponder
The child, inside of me, that you have woken up to look yonder
This feeling of love
That you have injected me with
The happiness that I look forward to, the only thought that keeps up my chin

I wish that where-ever you are, you are in a happy place
The only place that I can think of that you would always be smiling from within

I hope wherever you are
You are always smiling
Having the joy of your life

You have no idea
What you have taught me
You are a true inspiration
How could I ever live without you in my life?


Lirun said...

who is that in the photo!!

Sleepless In Muscat said...

no one in particular.. I needed a photo along with the post and this was the most suitable that I could find on the Internet.