Friday, November 2, 2007

Him & His Wishes

He wore his heart on his sleeve
He was always sensitive but never decieve
He chose the life that others would never choose to recieve
This is the him that others would never understand or choose to believe

He loved with all his heart
Never was there really a true spark
And in his soul he chose to keep
The fascinating story of who he used to be

I wish I could be who I used to be
I wish I could
I wish I could turn back the time
And instead of grains of sand that I would hold, it would be


kaya said...

I wish I knew him then
I'm glad I know you now
For if you can still remember
Then surely you will know how.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Perhaps that one desire
You see to be with him
The one left emotion
That still blames eternal?

kaya said...

Its the loss of myself
That leaves me more bereft
As I bury myself
In layers of duties.