Sunday, November 4, 2007

will I ever get that chance?

I feel so sad
Because I have pushed you so far away
The one good chance
To pull you in

I wish, I wish
I would I could reel you back in
To win your trust, to win your heart
So I can feel - once again - your whim

I feel so lost without you
I feel that I have done a great misdeed
To both
You and me

I feel that the one thing that could have made me happy
Has now gone with the wind
Because I feel like this, for no one else
Even though you said you would never love again

I wish, I wish,
For a chance to prove my love for you
I wish for a chance
To always be there for you
To always love you and care for you
To always cherish you for the rest of my life

I wonder..
Will I ever get that chance with you?


Solafa said...

Beautfil feelings, that can only be written from genuin heart passed to genuin words. :)

kaya said...

Truly heartfelt. But I wonder why is that we push away taht which we love the most, and spend an eternity in regret.