Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Ravage of Human Blood

I wish I was a letter
I wish I was a Bee
I wish I was a cloud
Over the sea

Somebody get this mood
Off of me
I'm not the chosen
I'm the 'chosee'

Ravaged between the dirt
Cleaned off the blood
An eye through the lies
No one is ever bulletproof

Shattered through the dust
Cleaned up in frames
That glass that bleeds
The stone that cries
The difference is, there is no truth
Just the lies

Just a choice
Just a gleam
There is no voice, anymore
Within me

I choose to be silent
And listen to the wind
I choose to be observant
And forget movement
I chose this path
Yet, I don't understand
Why is it that I have to sacrifice
My life
My dreams
My wishes
Just because my life is out of my hands..?


kaya said...

WOW! Thats very nice indeed.

Anonymous said...

Kindergarten stuff. It sounds like a kid throwing a temper tantrum and the construction isnt very good either.

Hope you improve.

Abir said...

I like this...